Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Will's Poetry Assignment

Okay Will. Here's my damned assignment.

All’s left     in leaves-
aligned.    An alumnus     lull-like contract,
annulled on signing.  Contrasts
annealed by long-term repetition,
axioms both loaned    and stale.   We

made vast plans,
anxious strategies contingent on nothing
in pens, in piles, in variables, in
imitation of our own loaming;     gasps,
of curls, of camels,      a delicate

- S. Burgess


will said...

very nice. i like "in / imitation of our own loaming" & "gasps, / of curls, of camels"

amber said...

fabulous Sarah. what was the assignment?

S. Burgess said...

Thanks. Uh, the first word on each line is part of a quote, in this case, from Andrew Joron.