Tuesday, March 28, 2006

fabula poetics?

in this essay.


S. Burgess said...

Okay. So how can we get some multi-lingual poetics going. Amber and I know a little Spanish, Will knows some Japanese, what else can we pull in? Will, can you fake enough French for poetry? I think I can fake some Italian, know people who could check it for me. Maybe we could get Maged in on this? I can get in touch with some Hindi and Telugu speakers... Or maybe it would be better to do one where we get as many native speakers of different languages to write one together, line by line, each in their language. No. To have everyone write in a language they don't know. ...Okay so it's a three-part piece, for chapbook. The first section they write in a language they do not know, the second in a known-but-not-native language, and the third in native. Does that sound good?

will said...

a poetic, "we are the world"

i will wear sunglasses & dreadlocks & breakdance

andrew will wear a sequined glove

sarah will be canadian

amber will do the mashed potato

millicent will photograph the event

we WILL save the world, one word at a time

S. Burgess said...

Seriously though, I can't comment much on this essay. It's all over the board, contradicting itself sentence to sentence. Switching theses within the paragraph. It rambles. Generally though, in poetics, in art in general, music, I agree that there's no completely new aesthetic to discover, only new hybrids of what has already been done. I also agree that that idea is uninspired, but so is saying that the idea is "uninspired." That's the problem. Worse than being uninspired, it's uninspiring. I think that, like free-will, the notion that there's always a new aesthetic to discover is one of those lies we really ought to tell ourselves, too keep from going static. So here we go. Ahem.

There is a new aesthetic out there! We just need to unleash our creative prowess and find it! Woohoo!

How 'bout encoded poems? Has anyone done that? Will? I mean, as an aesthetic (not out of necessity). It could say something about this post-9/11 America, haw haw.

will said...

fodpejoh qpfnt dbo cf gvo.

J bn ebjtjft upebz.

bn J gsvduptf?
bn J ofx?

J bn "vojotqjsfe" gpsfwfs.


S. Burgess said...

Mns eqtbsnrd.
Mns rtbqnrd.
Mns mdv.

Ats lhmd.


will said...



amber said...

I dig that language idea. I can throw in spanish and some greek and Tot speaks Laos, which I'm trying (sort of) to learn.

this canon not the language
we canonned
it canonned of too many things

so we canonned holes in the table cloth
and canonned in the pickle jar

I canon this must canon what canonning is like
and the dinner canon not what we canonned for

S. Burgess said...

This concept would be a good excuse to get a grant. Hmm... I'll have to think more about this.

amber said...

good idea

let me know if you need any help

other ideas: writing in morris code? or 1's and 0's (ie computer code)...

babelfish is a commonly used translator, and in that case you don't need to speak the languages you're using at all (granted it does not translate grammatically)...etc

I've been using babelfish off and on myself...its useful.

Anyways, I think these are all great ideas and also good for collaborative purposes