Wednesday, March 22, 2006

a dozen poems

Your breast looks nothing like that light fixture.

The leaves in the wind etc… Don’t pee backwards.

That robot has the spinning disease.

Hang your stapler from that tree as an example to the others.

Our toaster could take us to planet x.

Buy more things. It’s my job.

Diet soda is for liars.

I want to explode a stuffed squirrel.

Our clothing is made of strings.

I could eat 5000 cows, & not be sated.

We could dance on a gerbil.

Your bird is a slut.


amber said...

I realize that I am not the "You" of this poem, but hey, what the hell? I decided to write in response anyways.

A Dozen More

Only because my breast is smaller and more pinkish.

Warm, etcetera etcetera etcetera.

A rubber swingline that scared away the children.

I'd rather planet Double U.

I'm by the sea saw. Does that count?

So is RC Cola.

And that's the birth of a serial killer.

Well my clothing is made of polyester.

Don't be sated, be mated.

I prefer a hedgehog, but if you say so.

Yeah. A monogomous slut.

e. r. gallien said...

Billy keeps calling me a liar. DIET COKE IS GOOD DAMNIT.

I love the poems though... especially if you read it line by line - bills first line, then ambers.. bills 2nd line, the ambers... so on and so fourth, as if it were one poem.. I like it that way but I'm special like that :)