Friday, March 03, 2006

pretty cool

so you ended up pretty cool.
upholding what bent me most
& a deadly habit. just mouth-
wash & annihilation you said.
promise me more holes & be-
moan our yellow grievance.
oppress w/ a few powerful fam-
ilies whose children flag docu-
ments to the oligarchy. while
love codes software simulators
before circling & recircling. fin-
ally overwhelmed w/ ciphers.
the pollination will love me
more than you ever did & even
after the encrypted landscapes
flower & you toss off love e-
mails to alaska, our forest of
asphalt, i will vacuum the hall-
way until our shed creeps lowly.


Connor Moran said...

Man, I have to find out that you guys are going all bloggy from the referrers list on my own web site?

Not feeling loved.


amber said...

Oh, poor little fella. But we still read your rice cooker. There's support all around.

amber said...

upholding floral mouthwash
love ciphers circling emails of asphalt
children annihilating code
alaska vacuums our moan
whose encryptions pollinate the simulators

did you ever even bend for me?
promise me a hallway

I will software your deadly landscape

will said...

i will software your deadly landscape

floral mouthwash emails
the alaskan love ciphers &
pollinates the deadly vacuum

promise me a hallway?
i'll asphixiate your software

encryption only asphalts children

& there is no northern

amber said...

Asphalt Children

there is no northern anything
just a considerable sieve

O Pavement! O Gravel! they asphixiate
a vacuum & cipher in the Drain-o

but there is a software to solve all of their problems
a sledge hammer
a broken casing

a way to pollinate this lovely hallway
encrypting their history with daisies

amber said...

The Alaskan Love Ciphers

a webdating service

a futuristic role playing game involving really big tanks

a popular glam metal band from 1988, who claimed one of thier greatest influences was Sly and the Family Stone

a fishing boat

a collective of morris code love letter composers

a flower

will said...

a popular glam metal band from 1988 who claimed their greatest influence was sly & the family stone

o pavement! o gravel! o drain-o! my web-date daisy
you fish from casements while i
the morris-code-love-letter composer
compose love-letters to microsoft &
pollinate my hypertext w/ yr deadly vacuum
i will not roleplay while you
glitch annonymously
on this or another listserv
that constructs tanks & taunts
for the bourgeoisie
i will play bass guitar w/ my
russian "big muff"
& dance-fever to poland

amber said...

Fish from Casements

a glitch in literary history
dancing love letters of
vacuum cleaners and pollen

Fish is code for Poland
and the text is constructed of gravel

We are composers of pavement.

We daisy anonyous and fever.

But I will not roleplay your listserve.
Or bass your corresponding bourgeoisie.

Soft my micro anyway. I web you like a powdered daisy.

will said...

i'm not yr daisy

not yr anonymous fever not yr roleplay yr bougeoisie not yr micro- yr half-window to pop-music stardom

literary history is a fish to listserv dynamo to powdered daisy

i'm not yr daisy


glitch poland & take yr gravel to arkansas

i am impenetrable forever

amber said...

Bourgeoisie RPG

Daisy, FYI, is bougie literary history

take poland and gravel and we'll be impenetrable

ie, I'll huckleberry your listserve and break your half-window

Just a micro glitch, Just a powdered fish

I'm following the green light to Stardom, etc

I'm going to Arkansas your dynamo

p.s. I am not your anonymous anything