Sunday, May 28, 2006

alice blue three

stark & w/o bells at

this should have been the winter issue

sarah & i were talking

about poetry this morning and it brought up this entry from limetree (where, by the way, a somewhat interesting discussion about flarf continues [it started, I think on minor american] in regards to a poem that can be found here).

all of that aside, this earlier post comparing a Billy Collins lyric poem & Jennifer Moxley lyric poem is still quite interesting, & seeing the poems side by side, both using similar strategies etc... just curious what you fellow dimlabbers think of the analysis etc...

Thursday, May 25, 2006

check out this lesbian poem generator!

Saturday, May 20, 2006

Fans of Cort Day...

Joshua Corey says check out Geoffrey Nutter, and then talks about some other stuff.

check this out

Friday, May 19, 2006

Wednesday, May 10, 2006


box to private     my armed instant
pushed sabotage wound     acquires braggarts
buttresses gigantic turrets
oh great     w/o the pair i
protect trailer blue
exempt behind ballads &
wired killing jelly     i adapt!
w/ sheep that inflate empty lands
despot animals & charisma
the decided alarms of eyes
my cough capture factory reopens
& men that never shake
remain unseen     the war vigorous
w/ boorish death     spitfire
events we simulate     the record
in my kill-drink-tunnel
grass & platings     neglect & shepherds
airplanes attacking tundra
dissimulated canaries     my
yellow satellite
& an army of well-dressed galas
on zero summer cruise
generate wars & sea recovery
for considered men who restrict
positronic boy repair or
scandal     my voice that drags     screens
w/ intrusive benevolent red
we prefer regulation
for my iridium rope opera
& men who peel risks     hands
the school vampire paradigm
don't disembark     my behavior is
a skull wire intern
w/o lamentation     one random pledge
removed     my circumspect malady


sarah & i wrote the following poem sometime ago. the idea was that we could only use words with the vowel "a" or the vowel "e". no word could use both, & extra points were given to high quantities of words w/ two or more "e"s or "a"s, such as "adamant," "peerless," or "veneers." this, of course, is not nearly as restrictive as anything millicent would write was a fun exercise.

Bereft bank teller, my blatant armada
that preempts chaps & braggarts &
halts tall, peerless & pell-mell. Eschew
these exempt ballads, vagrant laggards,
heedless canards that span the spartan
phalanx. Adapt! sheep that swell vacant
lands & canvass adamant sleepers, eye
alarms, & men that never see war. Stal-
wart heresy cheers these events. We
cheer grass & dented veneers. Slapdash
ramparts & reddened shepherds. Carnal
reverends & secret vassals. Pretend egret
& canary. Scan level fresh and well-
dressed—demented army between thwart
& gala. Engender effete wars & esteemed
men. Repress scandal, my drawl, canvas
sheets. We prefer men of settlement. Men
that carry green bananas & sandals. Men
that peel hazards & hands when they land
garb temples. The fracas settles banal
regret. A ballast, haphazard, repelled,
seedy warrant, my malady a leery vertex.

i just finished reading "Lyric Poetry After Auschwitz" by Kent Johnson, "Red Juice" by Hoa Nguyen (amber i'll be sending you a copy), & "World Jelly" by Tony Tost, all from Effing Press. all enjoyable reads.

i also just finished "Letters to Wendy's" by Joe Wenderoth (this i took on my secret manager trip to seattle & read on the airplane). also a terrific book, analyzing human life, as it does, in all its joys & traumas, in relation to fast food & pornography, but in a good way...


Tuesday, May 09, 2006

R.I.P. Maren Katelena de Vries May 6th, 2006

she jumped from the
Aurora Bridge
to end her suffering because
she could not except failure in herself
I have not seen her in years
Elementary School was so long ago
she was one of my best friends then
it hurts me now as if she was still my best friend.
It's over for her now,
but memories of her will still live on.
I will always remember.

Monday, May 08, 2006

About a Friend

About A Friend

She throws herself back into her past
Her bruises show that people don't change,
Her head is bruised from the stairs

Her daddy killed her baby

Her period, a month late
He kicked her stomach to the point
of an unexpected period: heavy and disturbing, bleeding,

Her daddy killed her baby

She fought back - she made him bleed
but her body is still bruised
Her emotions are still broken

Her daddy killed her baby

Why did she go back?
How could her foster parents let her?
She has no answers

Her daddy killed her baby

He used to rape her everyday
until she was 15
Yet she went back

Her daddy killed her baby
Her daddy killed her baby
Her daddy killed her baby

Sunday, May 07, 2006

lyric spaceship or "human drones follow each other in a stiff motion"
          for biz

& i become myself
i bring the laughter
the average natal pod of unknown methods
in the company of people who change the research
& share like occasional motels
or starships that earn great returns of squares
& break the ball of unperfect chaos
the model     radically reduced
by belltowers or bumblebees of human misery
that bring closer a population of dye
my starship of tact of coast
starship that lobs belltowers
of satisfied burdens     my starship     now legal
w/ perceptible dad costume
when donned does not function
only negotiates for square operations
& swims the worlds you carry w/ meow
or town table of tragedy do
i of the prose pawn
of the yawl of the knack ploy
the hayrack natal of toys
of the halo crate
of the of i
of the prototype of simple ones
of the toy of the lull of the ploy of already
of the sofa of the unperfect
of stiff people of movement of human hating
which cuts it
you do not laugh or square
& the bumblebees realize
& relocate again
their pictures of tiles arranged
so i cut her song charms
in the enterprise of it
to become the pursuit
& station-wagons or starships have my unperfect ball
not technicolor or square     not me

random poem

Mirrored tile images arrange and
disarranged in fashions unknown,
Society becomes the target - the mimicked fortune.
Tiles twist & break to form an unperfect sphere-
marbled pattern chaos that satisfies as a community.
Human drones follow each other in a stiff motion.
In order to feel accepted they have disowned individuality.
They've traded themselves for copy-cat picture perfection.
People realize and yet the drones march on.