Saturday, September 30, 2006

Oooh! Fall is here and that means the scarves are sliding out of trees and around our necks not like snakes! Like scarves that slide out of trees and around our necks!

And there is the strangler!

As Project Runway seems to have run it's way out of ideas (oh that was poor), the Amish inspired spread in Harpers Bazaar makes me press my fingertips over a scandalized giggle in conservative glee. Oh for colorless garments, so slender, so shapeless. Oh for pinafores and bonnets that cover our shameful hair.

A prayer for the forty-year-old woman in a tennis skirt and teeny-bopper tank before me in the grocery store, telling her eight-year-old daughter to take back the pink-lip-gloss and come back with the peach.

1 comment:

ward gleason said...

the amish are *sexy*
those hats
i'm all