Sunday, September 03, 2006

David Meiklejohn's "Plots"

When I was younger, there were books I finished and wanted to carry with me till I died showing person after person till I found another kid who'd clutch it to their chest and carry it around with them till they died showing person after person. It's one of those. Effing Press. Effing awesome.


amber said...

I also dug it. I don't know if I ever did tell you that I bought it and read it. Actually, I did. I think we talked about it before. Not so much for me a book to carry around Perhaps, Descent of Allette. And after reading Swarm, by Jorie Graham the first time. And The Frequencies, by Mr. Noah Eli Gordon. And just about every book I've ever read by Marguerite Duras.

S. Burgess said...

Oh good! I couldn't remember if I'd ever actually told you the guy's name or not. I haven't been sleeping more than three hours a night for the past five days. New medication. I still need to get Will to read it. Yeah, Destroy, She Said is another one of those books. Duras is a god. The truth is I haven't finished a book in almost a month, am having focus problems; the efficacy of my previous medication dropped to nil. I just want to be part of a conversation. Damn it.