Saturday, April 15, 2006

What the Letter "Q" Equals

the point of the universe exists
in this algebraic equation

I mean: the "q" doesn't matter

its all starlight like
punctured construction paper


punctured is what going away
feels like

try it
do you see what I mean?

there is an exact mathematical equation
for the way that I'm feeling

though it will not be simple or beautiful yet
it is something perfect and true


will said...

this poem is sad.

i don't have much of an answer...

in my true poems series i wrote a horrible name-dropping pseudo ny school poem that goes...a this:

i never kept a
poem about my father
or imitation of
my brother's driving
only one cloud
but that doesn't work
amber says
your company is beautiful
& well-known
at the shanty again
& w/ maged & andrew
so strange
to be successful
& debt free
or to filter
my tapwater
like everyone else

amber said...

I don't think its horrible. I do, however, think it is also sad.