Saturday, April 08, 2006

i learned two new words & other stuff

detournement & parataxis (the first came from this blog entry, the second from a game of hangman w/ sarah while waiting for our delayed flight in phoenix yesterday)

also, my sister wrote the following poem on her blog:

the weird

The OPT of the thought of Shi was joke to the led chare,
which is blue, paving stone
which cries the timid emotion of the summer
thy out of afflictions of the good of the refuse of Thy of the ewes
fell the piled up ewes
Shi from the welkin from the end from traction from the ballot box
from the oats that the unequal nut of the chi points out?
There the forest of the sun of the hire of the dye was stopped the
banquet which the ascending stags tail and sees hello reversed the
acclamation of the joke and the fabrics of the OPT
of the thought of Joyce Shi of the led grape,
blue of the stags hello, fitted hundredth of Shi recalls dittoes thy
loose the hulas,

the misusages scrabbled in the sharpies,

thy Gitano Shi cries too well the oats
Your of the framework of the ewes of
Ebola dissimulated with the cheerio of the led, blue west of the joke

what i think: this is brilliant & reads like a disjointed children's story, particularly the repititions of "of the" which connect numerous disparate images. for example: "There the forest of the sun of the hire of the dye was stopped" or "thy out of afflictions of the good of the refuse of Thy of the ewes". & so, as i read, i detect a subtle flow of emotion beneath the language while enjoying the surprise of new word combinations. who wouldn't smile at "the framework of the ewes" or "Ebola dissimulated with the cheerio" or " the misusages scrabbled in the sharpies" or "sees hello reversed" or "loose the hulas" or "which cries the timid emotion of the summer". i have the feeling of reading another language, teetering on the point of meaning, but, w/ all overt meaning removed, only possibility remains. i'm reminded of reading Tender Buttons & the loops, both in rhythmic sound & in the language itself as words are imbued with a sort of "negative capability" (i may be using this term incorrectly). but here, in "the wierd", i read more possibility in words than i generally do, as their ability to mean is stretched.

i just reread that & it sounds like bs but that's how i feel


e. r. gallien said...

I feel special. "do you think that my enjoyment of poems like this means that i'm in some way addicted to gibberish & the possibilities of gibberish, & if so, will i be forced to inhabit some kind of literary hell of gibberish, wherein words are only a splattering of ephemeral sounds arranged in some manner or other?"

This is quite a possible outcome. Gibberish can be cool though, I like my poem. But hey, it wouldn't be hell.. it'd just confuse people =)

amber said...

I dig it. The rhythm is lovely. The language is lovely, and no matter whether Will's critique seemed like justification or BS, it IS how I felt upon reading it also. Certain lines are surprising and clever, and somehow finishes with an emotion. A discombobulated sadness, one that's at peace with itself.

Well done.