Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Cat's Cradle

just re-read cat's cradle w/ sarah as a go-to-sleep kind of thing over the course of a few weeks & what's interesting to me is the amount of plot & foreshadowing built into this book, with the ice-9 & each member of the narrator's "karrass" drawn all together for the inevitable end-of-the-world ending. is it me or does vonnegut end all of his novels w/ some kind of disaster...the end of gravity...people becoming seals on the galapogos islands...etc... the end of kilgore trout. i hadn't read it for some years and had forgotton all of that, anyway.

i think maybe catch 22 next, again, or finish off kenneth koch's collected. just read The Boiling Water today to S. & it was very good. i'm having difficulty having patience w/ poetry lately.

feeling like its time to take a stab at don quijote. been sitting next to my bed since x-mas.


amber said...

cat's cradle is my favorite vonnegut.

vonnegut is a big believer in the end of the world.

i will not read don quixote unless i can read it in spanish because i was supposed to get to read it in spanish in my spanish lit class my freshman year in college and they denied me and that was the whole reason i signed up for the stupid class to begin with. stupid upper classman always slowing the effing class down...

can you tell i'm bitter?

i spent $60 at open books yesterday. i feel poor, but happy.

S. Burgess said...

I kind of want to read God Bless You Mr Rosewater again. I'm re-reading books I read in High School in case it comes in handy for grad testing. They don't need my GRE. Good. But Now I have to take three different tests. Lame. And Will and I are reading Lord of the Flies; he's reading and I'm re-reading. We'll see how it goes.