Sunday, May 07, 2006

lyric spaceship or "human drones follow each other in a stiff motion"
          for biz

& i become myself
i bring the laughter
the average natal pod of unknown methods
in the company of people who change the research
& share like occasional motels
or starships that earn great returns of squares
& break the ball of unperfect chaos
the model     radically reduced
by belltowers or bumblebees of human misery
that bring closer a population of dye
my starship of tact of coast
starship that lobs belltowers
of satisfied burdens     my starship     now legal
w/ perceptible dad costume
when donned does not function
only negotiates for square operations
& swims the worlds you carry w/ meow
or town table of tragedy do
i of the prose pawn
of the yawl of the knack ploy
the hayrack natal of toys
of the halo crate
of the of i
of the prototype of simple ones
of the toy of the lull of the ploy of already
of the sofa of the unperfect
of stiff people of movement of human hating
which cuts it
you do not laugh or square
& the bumblebees realize
& relocate again
their pictures of tiles arranged
so i cut her song charms
in the enterprise of it
to become the pursuit
& station-wagons or starships have my unperfect ball
not technicolor or square     not me


amber said...

What about my imperceptible
domestic garb?

It's made of grocery bags
vacuum dust & lint
from the dryer.

What do you know
of natal crates
or cut laughter?

You presumptuous pod.
You stiff, technicolor ball.

I began as more than the enterprise
of my song.

I will fly the starship now
lead the bumblebees like fashionable swimmers
of bicoastal tragedy.

will said...

am imperceptible
domestic garb &

for technicolor
re-animation    who will

my starship?
the fashionable swimmers?

am bicoastal
& tragic beneath

from your
dryer your vacuum

am presumptuous
in your groceries

amber said...

buy technicolor

tragic swimmers

in starships

with bicoastal

amber said...
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ward gleason said...

swimmers swim
tragically into starships

steal groceries
for bicoastal teaparties

pyramid is
your domestic enterprise

amber said...

I am a member of the
"swimmers for technicolor
tea parties coalition."

do not think too badly
of me.

I just wanted to re-animate
the pyramid
and the starship.

It's my
enterprise of domestic tragedy.

ward gleason said...

forgive me
i have technicolored
the starships
that were in
the pyramid
& which you were
saving for bumblebees
they were domestic
so tragic &
so grated

amber said...

grated pryamids
save starships


technicolor bumblebees

will said...

i am a
technicolor starship

bumbling about
w/ bees & pyramids