Friday, February 17, 2006

robot poem


You diet robots, you robots in food systems, you robots who detect anti-personnel land mines in Tokyo, you robots of hazard & judgment.


Robots that ‘live’ on the bottom of the ocean, robots that hit birds hit by climate, motion / position / status robots, diet / nutrition / consumption robots.”


Senate robot wars & those gearing up for robot wars.

O port of the war on terrorism, department’s broad agency, purchaser of designer brief-cases & LEGO robot kits.

Can scientists help win the war against bio-invasion?


Diet war robots who make automatons who make gripper robots & hands for robots.

Where are the personal robots? the zero gravity boots?

O robots, you diets & wars, you robot colonies on the moon who manipulate and control robots in this time of war, you ragtag group of misfit robots, you simple story of a boy & his robot dog battling evil.


You robot theological society who wrote about robots & commander robot’s capture.

You mission robot leaders discovering deadly enemies—enemies who seek to change robot goal structures.

& you mobile autonomous robot software, engineer of human / robot interactions, creator of synergistic cyber-forces.


Robot destruction is at hand.

With weapons of precise destruction.

With pioneer pilot robots.

You, developer of robot vehicles, & LEGOnauts, will cease.

Intentional self-destruction is illegal in the robot destruction derby.

Robot, robot.

You treasonous bunny.

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